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Who is KunyueArt?

We are a couple of two anime/manga fans. We've known each other since 2008 and are together ever since. 

Kuny draws and draws. She learned by herself since she was a kid. She enjoys purple, stars, shiny things, bears, and music. She went to art school but never graduated. She is smiley and tries to stay positive most of the time even when it's hard. Kuny is a shy and anxious bean but still likes to hang out with her friends. She is an outgoing introverted bear.

Yue is the mind behind everything. She is the best to organize and manage time. Without her, nothing would get accomplished. She also creates stories with Kuny and likes to make characters. She likes music, reading, anime, cats, the moon, blue, and order. She is a 100% introverted kitty that needs her social cooldown. 

Upcoming Events

  • Montreal Mini Comicon - Dec 2-3 2023

  • G-Anime - Jan 20-212024

  •  Anime Ottawa Mar 29-31 2024(TBD)

  • Anime North May 24-26 2024 (TBD)

  • Otakuthon (TBD)

  • Montreal Comiccon Jul 5-7 2024

  • Quebec Comiccon Oct 12-13 2024

  • Animaracon (TBD)

  • Montreal Mini Comiccon 2024 (TBD)

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