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Terms & Conditions

Will Do
Won't Do
Original characters
Style Imitation
Heavy Gore
Character design
Outfit Design

If you are inquiring about a commercial use commission, please send an email to stating your budget and needs. The following terms and conditions equally apply to commercial use commissions.

All commissions are to be paid upfront through Paypal. An invoice will be sent to you after confirming commission details. 

Refunds are not accepted after work on the commission has started. If you want to cancel your commission, please do it as soon as possible. 

Every commission will be automatically streamed and posted on my social media unless stated in the request for a privacy fee of 10$.

When ordering, you will be given a number in the commission queue and be noticed when work on your commission starts. Please note that the further you are in the queue, the longer if will take to receive your commission.

All commissions are digital. When finished, a full resolution file will be sent to you by email.

I am allowed to refuse any commission I am not comfortable with.

The following prices are set for personal use only. No reproduction for profit

is allowed.



Half Body

Full Body

Commission Type
Half Body
Full Body

All prices are in USD.
The above prices are for 1 character only. Rates for an extra character on the same commission are +80% of the initial commission price.

(For example, $100+$80 for a 2 characters portrait commission.)

Complex characters, accessories, backgrounds, weapons, etc will cost extra.

Chibi full resolution is 2000 x 2000 px at 300 DPI. Other commission types full resolution is 3600 x 5400 px at 300 DPI.


1 emote
3 emotes

All prices are in USD.

Emotes do not count as commercial use. They can be used as sub badges, channel points, and emotes on Twitch or Discord.

You get 4 sizes for each ordered emote.

Full resolution art (800x800 px) and ready to use emotes (112x112 px,

56x56 px, 28x28 px). 

How to order

Fill the order form at the bottom of the page.

You will be contacted if you got the slot. After confirming and accepting the order, you will receive an invoice at the Paypal email address provided.

A sketch will be sent to you for approval. Minor changes are allowed during this step.

Waiting time may vary from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the type of commission chosen.

All artworks will be sent by email once completed. Any major revision after the artwork is done will cost additional fees.

Order Form
Commission Type
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Thanks for submitting!

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