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Monochrome half body sketch for 30$.

Dos and Don'ts 

Terms and Conditions

For personal use only!

Character rights remain to their respective owner(s).

Please do not claim the art has been done by you, modify the artwork, erase the artist's signature or print to sell copies of the artwork.
Finished commissions are not refundable.

You can cancel and get a refund if work on the commission has not started.

Thank you for your understanding!


Once the commission submission details have been approved, you will receive a Paypal invoice where you can send the payment safely! Commissions are to be paid upfront.

Once payment is received, you will get your position on the commission list and an estimate on when your commission will be finished.

Each commission take around 1 to 2 hours to be done.



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Half Body Sketch:
Rough sketch with B&W cell shading.
One character per commission.
White background unless a specific color is mentioned.
8x10 inches at 300 DPI.
Digital file will be sent to you by email.

Won't Do:
Style Imitation
Extreme Fetishes​
NSFW of Underage Characters

Will Do:
Original Characters
Character Design
Outfit Design