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Life News and Preorders

Hi there!

It's been a while since last post.

I've been busy with commissions a bit!

So here are some news.

Also, for those who are waiting on Preorders; The mousepads are on their way! The restock of keychains will be ordered around next week, so everything is on time!

Started to make new original products that will be listed soon.

You will be able to get here! Some will also be on Etsy.

All the new Tote bags will feature original art or will be restocks. Will also make new shirts featuring original art. Trying to produce fresher and more personal items.

I hope you will like it! I feel like diving into the unknown. Thank you for everyone who is so supportive!

Commissions are rolling good too. Had a few requests lately so the waiting list is starting to grow again. I try to do my best at drawing them in a reasonable time frame. Sorry if you are waiting a bit longer that you would have liked on the waiting list!!

I also hope you are doing well. These are hard times and everyone needs to take care of themselves physically, of course, but mentally too.

So please take time for yourself and take one thing at a time if you feel overwhelmed.

Take care and stay safe!


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