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Otakuthon 2020 review + News

I decided to go to Otakuthon last minute, 5 minutes before inscriptions opened. I do not regret it! Even if people had to pay for this online con, it was super nice. I liked they way the events were brought and how interactive it were. Thank you so much for the opportunity! It was very different from normal in-person conventions, not as exhausting but still were in a way. I had to make sure every messages was answered. I also decided to take some commissions, with people liked more than I thought! I decided to let the live that on the website because its easier to talk with people who visits. Also I think its pretty cool haha!

On another note, I started to learn Mandarin. I always thought I would learn Japanese first, but as I tried about 3 times now, I think I might have a blockage or something. First time I tried was in a class with someone who was mad at everyone that was performing well and doing all the homework correctly. We could not be better than her. So maybe I have a trauma of a toxic narcissist for learning Japanese haha. I am learning Mandarin because I LOVE the culture, yes, BUT I also want to read Mo Dao Zu Shi in it's original language. Talk about motivation. It's been 14 days since I started, and I hope to become better at it. I have a Chinese friend who helps a lot on the meaning of words right now so its super fun! I think it will be easier for me to read than to talk though. Tones are kinda complicated. It IS a great challenge though! Thank you for everyone that reads the blogs! You make me very happy! Will try to add more things to the shop soon, and also more original stuff too. <3 Take care everyone!


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