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Changing places


We have been very busy these days.

Moving apartments can be tiring. But sometimes, most of the time, in fact, change can be for the best.

We have been living in a dusty place that is highly in need of renovations. Our landlord has two employees that make reparations. But they are not professionals. So all the things they ''repair'' is done cheap and rushed.

An example: I discovered that the tiles in the shower were cracked. My GF called and asked if they could change the shower and bath (since the bath was also starting to break). They said no need. The two guys are going to check that. The result, they changed ONE tile that was literally falling off and added three tiles on the wall next to the shower because, big surprise, there was water damage. All the other cracked tiles were left like that. Also, the bath is still old and in need of reparations. But no. They did the bare minimum, I don't even consider this to be the minimum. And left. I was speechless. That was the last drop. We HAD to find somewhere else to live. We are almost done moving now. And OMG the air quality is a million times better, the walls are actually straight and the floor does not crack at every step. We are also closer to some friends which is great! I plan to post pictures of my work station once we are fully installed. The neighbourhood is calm and we have a forest in the backyard. A literal forest! Our friend saw a deer in there!

So life quality improved a LOT.

Also, we left the city where we had drama with a toxic friend. So no more bad drama memories!

Currently finishing sketches of the last chapter of Café Dolce too! So in a few weeks, I will start lining! Finishing the sketches is a huge step in the manga's creation! It's coming guys. The long-awaited Café Dolce manga is progressing! I can't wait to see it finished. I hope you will like it.


Here's a small Kyu for now haha. Still checking up my blog composition.

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