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Conventions and self love.

First of all, we officially have an artist space at Otakuthon! Woohoo!

I was not sure I was gonna participate at first due to it being online and all. But a friend of mine actually convinced me haha. So all the goodies will be available for the convention! (Except maybe the Sesshomaru Keychain since there is like... only 2 left. I will restock don't worry). We still have to put everything in the shop but it should all be ready for the con. The only thing that won't be available are Wallscrolls since they are super big and hard to ship.

On another note, I used a lot of my time recently to read on self love and C-PTSD.

As you might know (or not) I got out of a Narcissist friendship 3 years ago and have a lot of work to do to heal! That said, I have so much supportive friends around me and my GF is amazing. I am going to start, more like restart, learning Japanese soon since studying is something that can help heal a bit from C-PTSD. I have a long way to go but I think being open about it can help me and others.

I might also take a small break from commissions after the current batch. I hope you all have a wonderful day and take care.

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