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What is a Commission?

Commissions are custom digital artworks made especially for you. Either a character you like, an original character, a portrait of you or someone you know, and so on. You can then print it to put on your wall, use it as a character image for D&D, keep it as wallpaper for your desktop, etc. 

How to Order?

Simply fill-up the form!


Choose your commission type, enter the character's description and references.

If you have any special requests or questions about specific deadlines, please use the 'Comment' section of the form.​

Communication Procedure

Throughout communication, all messages should be respectful and professional. ​​

  • Once the form is filled, you will get a reply from Kunyue as soon as possible.

  • After the payment is complete, the sketch process will start. 

  • When the sketch is done, a preview will be sent to you for approval.

  • If by then you have any concerns or uncertainties, please feel free to say so. The sketch phase is where major changes can be made. 

  • Once approved, the lineart of the piece will start. 

  • Again, after the lineart is completed, another preview will be sent to you.

  • You will also have a preview to approve the base colors of the artwork.

  • Once completed, the full resolution of the finished work will be sent to you.


Once the commission submission details have been approved, you will receive a Paypal invoice where you can send the payment safely! Commissions are to be paid upfront but payment plans can also be discussed.​


The usual time frame to complete a commission is between 2 to 5 weeks depending on the workload your custom artwork requires. If you need your commission for a specific date, please mention it when ordering. You will then be notified if it is possible or not to finish the commission in the given time frame. If any delays occur, you will also be notified.


Finished commissions are not refundable. Work on the piece will stop if you request a cancellation.

Refunds will be given as followed depending on the work that has been done on the commission.

  • Before Sketching: 100% Refund

  • Sketched: 75%

  • Lined: 30%

  • Base Color: 15%

Commercial Use and Copyrights

Commercial use is not permitted for basic commission types. If you are interested in a commercial use commission, please send us an email. Discussion will then take place about commercial prices. 

Character rights remain to their respective owner(s). Please do not claim the art has been done by you, modify the artwork, erase the artist's signature or print and sell copies of the artwork. With your permission, the piece may be used as an example commission. 

Twitch Emote Commission

If you are interested in an emote commission, you can contact us so we can discuss of your needs. Twitch emotes have a fixed price per emote or by bundle of 3. They can be used on Twitch or in a Discord server but not commercially. 

​Dos and Don'ts

Will Do:

  • Original Characters

  • Fanart

  • NSFW (18+ only)

  • Character Design

  • Outfit Design

Won't Do:

  • Style Imitation

  • Tracing

  • Extreme Fetishes​

  • NSFW of Underage Characters

  • Mecha


Detailed Backgrounds:

  • ​An extra charge of 15$ to 70$ depending on the complexity of the requested background, such as landscape, city, etc. 

  • ​​Simple backgrounds are already included in most of the commission types. 


  • There's an extra charge of $15 to edit a completed commission. 

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